Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

This Workspace / I am currently writing this on a couch with my computer balanced on my lap, just as it's always been. I'm thinking it's about time I upgrade to something more civilized.

Kirsten Dunst - Aspirational People either hate or love Kirsten Dunst. I'm in the latter camp, but there is no denying that this is a rude awakening to what interactions have become for too many of us.

Zara Leather Vest / I am going crazy for vests lately. I want something that is not furry, puffy or preppy, and I'm having trouble hunting it down. This one isn't perfect, but we're getting closer.

Honeycrisp, Sage & Bacon Shells and Cheese / Major mac and cheese upgrade. Apples is such an interesting addition. I'd put my money on this being an awesome pizza flavor profile, too.

Postcards for Ants / I'm such a sucker for tiny things. But this is by far the coolest collection of "tiny things" I've ever seen. Absolutely unreal.

Tinashe - Aquarius / I am so obsessed with this album. It's everything I wanted the new Banks and Jhene Aiko to be, all rolled into one. And "2 On" is still one of the best singles in recent memory.

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