Here's what I'm loving this week:

P.S. Why are you reading this and not gorging yourself/spending time with your loved ones?

Weekly Harvest

Pirate Joe's / This story is too awesome. Basically this guy in Canada smuggles all of the best treats over the border and sells them in his own rogue non-sanctioned Trader Joe's. As a fellow TJ's fanatic - I get it, man.

Pear Nectar with Reposado Tequila / Pear is the most underrated fruit, especially when it comes to cocktails. Tequila is also pretty darn great.

Saint Laurent Lookbook / Moody and perfect, per usual.

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2015 / All of the coats.

U2 - "Sleep Like A Baby Tonight" / I really do not want to like this. I tried. And Bono still remains #1 king of the worst. But it's just so catchy and pretty. Send help.

Chocolate Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie / Easy. Rich. Chocolate. Everything I want in a pie.

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