Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

The Staple Singers / Sometimes things are hard. For those times, The Staple Sisters are there. Seriously though, the next morning you wake up just not into it, put 'em on. Works (almost) every time.

Everlane Chunky Knit Collection / This is good. Really good. I wish there were more color options, though.

Waffle Iron Churros / If you still don't have a waffle iron, get on that immediately. Life-changing, I tell ya.

This essay on burnout / Wow - this hit entirely too close to home. Easily the scariest and most relatable thing I've read all week. Without going on a tirade, I think we all need to think about what our priorities have become. Sidenote: why do the photos in this piece have absolutely nothing to do with the content?

Sweet Potato and Kale Grilled Cheese / I don't even know what to say. Definitely filing this baby away for one of those days when The Staple Singers just aren't cutting it.

Scotch & Soda Fall/Winter 2014 / It's almost like this was made for me. In related news, I wish I lived somewhere where this coat was as warm as you ever needed to get.

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