Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

Balsamic Butternut, Kale and Cranberry Panzanella / Why would I eat anything with kale when there are Christmas cookies on deck? Adding this one to the list is wishful thinking at its finest.

New York's First and Only Mustard Sommelier / Can you say dream job? Mustard is far and away my favorite condiment. Ketchup is a pathetic joke in comparison. Where do I sign up to train for this?

Zaria Forman / These are done using pastels and her fingers. My brain is exploding.

Mango Camp Site Lookbook / Filed under "things I want that are all (un)fortunately in my price range." Treading in dangerous waters over here.

Remote YearThis is genius. Long story short, you get to work remotely for a year, spending each month in a different city. The itinerary looks dreamy and I'm amazed no one's thought of this sooner. You should apply.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Pre-Fall 2015 / Aside from the clothes being perfect, my inner 13-year-old is obsessed with this deep-side-part-forehead-swoop.

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