Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

My Morning RoutineI don't know if I'm a total voyeur or what, but I could read these all day long. Even though I disagree with new years resolutions, I'm also thinking my own routine needs some fine tuning. Cough cough, exercise.

Ryan Hemsworth - "Snow in Newark (XXYYXX Remix)" / Are you hungover right now? Be honest. Okay, now go listen to this. It'll help at least 30%.

Subway Tiled Kitchens / Not much explanation necessary here. I love how they look clean and a little bit grimey at the same time.

Candied Bacon / I know, I know - the bacon craze has overstayed its welcome. I don't care. This looks amazing. And couldn't be easier to make.

Ryli - "One Night" / Give me all of the 90's-vibe R&B. Pretty please. I can't wait to hear more from her.

Tomboy Workwear / I'm at the tail end of a two week holiday break from agency life. Returning to the office is going to be majorly difficult, but I'm really into the idea of mixing it up when I get back - sweatshirts, oxfords, sneakers, the works.

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