Have you ever had a pen pal? I had a few in elementary school, but these days, aside from offers from AT&T U-Verse, my mailbox is dry.

So when Rachel, a million miles away, asked if I wanted to swap a box full of treats, I was 100% in. She's from Portland (okay so maybe not a million miles), and also a cat person, so basically I knew I couldn't go wrong.

You can see what I shipped across the country to her here. Let's just say Rachel's review absolutely killed mine. The lighting in Cleveland lately is a joke and by the time I went to grab some photos, I had already cracked into most of her goodies. I've never been one for delayed gratification.

Hunt & Harvest Gift Trade

She shipped me a cat toy for Banksy, nail polish, chapstick, raw vegan cookies, coffee and jam from Portland, a bracelet, a soy candle and this really awesome journal where you write one memory a day for four years.

Naturally, I spent the entire time capturing Banksy's reaction to the cat toy. Definitely a winner.


Either way, this was really fun and you should do it. Set a budget, pick a theme and swap treats with a stranger. When was the last time you got something in the mail that wasn't $15 from Grandma or your electric bill?

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