Here's what I'm loving this week:

Hunt & Harvest Weekly Harvest 5.14

This Melbourne Kitchen / Somehow this looks both dreamy and attainable. I love how light and airy the table is.

Ham & Cheese Waffles / I was "this" close to picking up a cheapo waffle iron at Target the other day. Now I'm sold. Kid-on-Christmas-morning giddy over these babies.

Bandana as necklace / Okay I know you're not a golden retriever but bear with me here. It's more refreshing than an old scarf and is a lot less sweaty for summer. Madewell has a great selection - or just dip into your dog's stash (kidding, maybe).

COS / Finally available online in the US, as well as select cities soon, COS is H&M's considerably cooler sister. Currently lusting over this bralette and this silk tunic.  If you head on over there now, you can still get 25% off for being one of the first American customers. 

How To Dress Well - "Repeat Pleasure" / This is so good- one of those rare songs that somehow works for any mood or occasion. Warning: the music video is really heart wrenching. Be careful.

Cats & Flats / This Vogue editorial absolutely kills it. I love how all of the cats just do. not. care. The world (and Vogue) needs a lot more of this and a lot less of this.


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