When I was an eleven-teen year old, given fresh access to my parents computer (I see you, LimeWire), I was obsessive about making mix CDs. Aside from the end of painstakingly slow P2P clients (remember Napster?), not much has changed. It's corny, it's nerdy - but I just don't care. That being said, summer is officially here and it's time to set the soundtrack for grilling, chilling, and all related activities.

Hunt & Harvest Olivia Crandall Barcelona Parc Guell

You can find my summer 2014 playlist on Spotify here. 

I add to it almost-daily, so follow for updates if you'd like. Also, I have a bunch of other consistently-updated playlists, from Sunday Morning Soul, to Best of 2014 (so far), to the ever-popular 2005-2009 High School Dance, so feel free to have a field day if that's your thing.