I've already come clean. I stole my brother's Andrew Marc duffle at least four years ago and am absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, it's a bit heavier than I'd like and more importantly - it's not mine. It's definitely about time I put on my big girl pants, return my stolen goods and get myself a proper weekend bag.

Also, I'm one of those guys who refuses to check a bag so the perfect duffle is even more important. Any and all luggage should be unisex - your brother should want to steal your duffle too. Head straight to the the men's department if you're not there already.

Jack Spade / Winn / Marc by Marc Jacobs

J. CrewEverlane / Fjallraven

Sidenote - remember how this is called Hunt & Harvest? I've clearly been neglecting the "hunt" part, but is it even missed? And aren't we all always on the hunt for something without having to necessarily make a collage? Getting a lil' too deep for my taste though, so in the meantime, I'll be sure to keep the hip hop and treats coming.

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