Warning, long reads ahead.

Hand letterer I most certainly am not.

Hand letterer I most certainly am not.

I'm sure at this point you've seen this. Don't get me wrong, I hate a tug-at-your-heartstrings viral ad as much as the next guy. Not to mention, the hair product tie -in is super corny and almost irrelevant. But I couldn't help but stop and think. 

I have an apology problem.

Since when did sorry become a synonym for "excuse me," or even "thank you?" I think part of it stems from the time my sassy lil' teen self realized that to function in the real world (i.e. be employed by anyone ever), I needed to somehow compensate for my eye rolls. I picked up a habit to gloss over the fact that I can be a bit, well, prickly. And ten years later, it's only gotten worse.

In the past week I've said "I'm sorry" more times than I'd like to admit. I mean it - I'm not going to tell you the number because it's embarrassing. There was only one single time I said "sorry" because I did something wrong and wanted to be forgiven and that was when I forgot to feed my cat.

That's right - the only apology I gave that was deserved was to a cat. 

I know we're halfway through the year but I've never been one for timely resolutions anyway - thus the "apology jar" was born. The rules? Every time you say "sorry" and don't mean "I take fault for doing something that caused someone else harm," take note. It doesn't have to be a real jar. I keep a memo in my phone with a running tally. At the end of the year, if my apologies have decreased, I'm planning a trip back to Spain or somewhere equally amazing. If they haven't, I'm planning it anyway.

Because I'm a grown woman who doesn't have to be sorry for anything.

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