Here's what I'm loving this week:

Hunt and Harvest Weekly

Bourbon Maple Pie I am speechless.

Rebecca Minkoff Bowery Cross Body BagI came dangerously close to pulling the trigger on this last weekend. Luckily my "this is equal to x vacations" sense kicked in. Next time I probably won't be so lucky.

Meow The Jewels / Run The Jewels are so solid. Even more solid is this Kickstarter where if they reach their goal, they'll be remixing "Run The Jewels 2" with ALL cat sounds. Donating now.

Efficient White Home in Copenhagen / I am a grown woman and I still do my hair and makeup (if at all) standing up, several feet away from an old mirror leaning against a wall. This functional "lady space" set up is my dream.

Mr. Twin Sister - "Blush / If fall had a sound, this would be it.

Pistachio Cream CakeThis looks difficult. And mine will never even come close in terms of presentation. But sometimes you have to go all in and make your favorite person's favorite thing.

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