Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

Spinach and Parmesan Egg Drop Soup / Every year it's the same story. I should have just gotten a flu shot like every other sane person.

Charli XCX - "Doing It (Feat. Rita Ora)" / Girl power (or whatever)

"To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This" / Absolutely fascinating and in theory it makes sense, but I'm still just not convinced. Plus, these people knew each other at least a little to begin with.

Vans & Madewell Classic Sk8-Hi / Filed under "shoes that will undoubtably make my size 10 feet look horrible but I don't care I want them anyway."

James Murphy - Remixes Made With Tennis Data / The title says it all. Literally the former leader of LCD Soundystem made remixes out of tennis data. A little goes a long way but the idea is A+.

This House / So clean. So perfect. Why doesn't my dining area involve a fireplace?

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