I'm a total sucker for minimalist, DIY nail art. Unfortunately, my hands are not even close to steady. Enter the dotting tool. I picked up this lil' kit at Sally's a few months ago for $10 and I've never looked back.

Easy Minimalist Nail Art // Hunt & Harvest

Sidenote: is there a non-cliche way to shoot nail art? Is "the claw" better? Someone tell me, stat. This is not a drill.

Minimalist Nail Art // Hunt & Harvest

The basic dotting possibilities are endless but I like combining neutrals. So far I've done black/white, nude/black and white/metallic. The best part? It's a surprisingly natural to wield the dotting tool with your non-dominant hand. The whole process is so straightforward, I'm almost embarrassed listing out the instructions:

Nail Art Dotting Tool
  1. Paint nails a solid base color, at least two coats. Dry completely.
  2. Put a small amount of accent polish on tin foil. Dip desired dotting tool (they vary by size) into polish and slowly dot onto lower third of nail. 
  3. Dry completely then apply clear top coat.

Ring: Catbird / White Polish: Essie Marshmallow / Copper Polish: Maybelline Boho Gold