Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

PetitBeast Jellyfish Air Plants / Finally. A houseplant that just might stand a chance against my evil cat.

Drake - "6 God (THUGLI Remix) / Because sometimes all you really want and need is a good Drake club remix.

The Best Things SkyMall Ever Sold / In case you haven't heard the news, everyone's favorite airline catalog is soon to bite the dust. No time like the present to look back at its glorious past.

Bluemarine Spring/Summer 2015 / Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

Toast Meets Karen WalkerCombine a rescue pup and perfect eyewear? Done deal. Don't even get me started on any kind of animal pictures. 

Crock Pot Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork / I got a slow cooker for Christmas, and this was the first time I broke it out. Let me tell you, I have been living in a cave. There is NOTHING like coming home to the smell of already made, perfect pulled pork. Nothing. If you have any tried and trusted slow cooker recipes, send them my way immediately, please.

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