Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

Westward Leaning Voyager Collection / If you buy a pair of new sunglasses, will the winter sun come out? I'm not 100% sold on the sun still existing though, tbh.

Governor's Ball 2015 / Have I aged out of going to music festivals? The idea of ever stepping foot on the farm again is a joke. Coachella's lineup is underwhelming (hello does anyone actually listen to Jack White?), and NYC means you get to sleep indoors. Bonus: I made a playlist.

Madewell Spring 2015 / In Cleveland it currently "feels like -17 degrees." I haven't seen my legs in weeks so the mere thought of going sockless is bliss - even if that means considering boyfriend jeans.

Portlandia Season Five / It's back. Nothing else matters (until GoT returns).

Doughnut Tee / Is it donut or doughnut? Who cares. I want this and a dozen of the good guys - blueberry cake plz. Cop one of these while they're still hot (before Jan. 21).

Joan Didion for CĂ©line / ALL HAIL THE QUEEN.

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