Banksy's Book Report is where I give no-BS book reviews of what's been on my nightstand lately - complete with bonus food and beverage pairings! Please feel free to tell me I'm wrong/crazy/dumb/genius, as well as throw your book recommendations my way.

banksy book report

The Goldfinch / Donna Tartt

The deal: When Theo is a tween, he survives a horrific accident that kills his mother and essentially changes the course of his life. Pulitzer Prize Winner.

Is it worth it?: Yes indeed. I hate long books. And this baby is a behemoth. But still I shlepped it around with me everywhere, through all 700+ pages. And somehow, I was never bored. Not once.

Pairs well with: Vodka straight from the bottle, potato salad, tea and toast, gin and lime, a trip to the museum

The Magicians / Lev Grossman

The deal: Billed as "fantasy for grownups," this is basically a darker, weirder Harry Potter. There may be a school for wizards/magicians, but this is 100% not a children's book. It's being adapted into a TV series on Syfy - which looks moderately awful. 

Is it worth it?: I may have just been missing Hogwarts in my life after binge-reading the entire HP series earlier this year. Because months later, I'm still not sure if I even enjoyed this.  There are some seriously cringe-worthy bits, and the pacing is still confusing to me. Overall: Meh+.

Pairs well with: Spaghetti and red sauce, a strong tolerance for young adult drama - so probably an adult beverage of your choosing 

Bad Feminist / Roxane Gay

The deal: Sharp essays on topics ranging from Scrabble competitions to Chris Brown to Paula Deen. Also, tons of "made-you-think" moments snuck in. 

Is it worth it: You already know! Roxane Gay is not just funny - she's damn smart. Definitely know going in that you're not going to be reading essays by Mindy Kaling (no hate, obviously - this is just a very different breed of girl power). Also, you're probably going to be uncomfortable at least once in a very check-your-privilege kind of way. Embrace it. 

Pairs well with: Your daily reading of the internet, back episodes of Call Your Girlfriend, healthy female friendships

The Leftovers / Tom Perrotta

The deal: The apocalypse through a different lens. What happens in the mundane lives of a single family in a small town, several years after the "Sudden Departure" arbitrarily vanishes a chunk of the world's population? There is an HBO series based on the book, and it's supposedly pretty good.

Is it worth it: Yep. Definitely a bit of a downer, but the varied points of view and overall premise were solid. Someone needs to make some new cover art to do this baby justice, though. I almost passed on it for that reason alone.

Pairs well with: Silence, cigarettes, coffee on the porch, old episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants