Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Candy Club / Adding this to the tippy top of my Christmas list.

Basic Outfitters Create-A-Drawer / This needs to exist for the ladies. Such a smart idea.

ALLSAINTS November 2015 Lookbook / So good. Also, the weather tides may have finally turned in Chicago. I am not ready for real winter here. So terrified.

Crocksgiving / Disgusting? Yes. Genius? Also yes. I am firmly in camp "food separation," but I can't help admiring this.

Trust Tattoos / Scott Campbell's Whole Glory exhibition brought hundreds of people out for the chance to receive an unknown tattoo through a glory hole in a fence. Ballsy indeed.

How to Use Semicolons - A Video Game Tutorial / See guys, punctuation can be fun! But really, go do this.