Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Why Women's Pockets Are Useless: A History / Very interesting, indeed.

Instagram Husband / Lololol. Forreal though - Charlie, I'm sorry.

Ali Liebegott / Duck puns, cats, everything a little dark and twisted. So into it.

Anger Room / From 12-10 pm, December 18-20, you can go completely destroy a mock workplace, living area or kitchen - all in the name of art. I dare you to convince me this is not a good use of $35.

Serial Season 2 / I love a good surprise out-of-nowhere new release. This was no exception. Cannot wait to get completely engrossed in this all over again.

Richer Poorer / Lately I'm obsessed with socks. They're such an underrated accessory. All of these are amazing.