Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

@drakeoncake / In case you needed another reason to be obsessed with Joy the Baker.

Every Thing We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory Of Our Lives / Basically a way better version of the old "what's in my bag."

The Long Haul: One Year of Solitude on America's Highways / So fascinating. I would 100% read a book version of this.

Adam JK / I cannot get enough sarcasm lately. See also: enamel pins. 

Just your average Christmas dinner, nothing to see here / I've been saving this one for months. Also pretty sure I am solely responsible for at least half of those 29,000 views.

Winter Wassail / 1. Put a lil' mug of this in the microwave for about a minute. 2. Pour in some bourbon. 3. Enjoy while playing this video of a fireplace with realistic crackling sounds.