Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

Design Within Reach's Champagne Chair Contest / This is done every year, but I'm still blown away by how creative people get with just the cork, cage and foil from two champagne bottles.

Free People Spring 2015 / Normally FP is way too heavy on the Stevie Nicks vibes for my comfort zone, but not this time.

Octovo / I'm such a sucker for well made leather goods. 

This Outdoor Space / Maybe I'm just jealous of anyone who can sit outside right now, but this is still beautiful.

Samoas Cookie Pie / This is everything I wanted my samoa pretzel bites to be, but with what appears to be 10% of the effort. Sign me up.

Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise / Is the new Big Sean album good? Meh at best. But damn if some of these collabs aren't mad infectious.