Here's what I'm loving this week:

The Cat Trapeze / Someone get one of these for Banksy, stat. He's not nearly as interested as I had hoped in his cat tipi. Clearly he is a tree-dweller.

Niia - "Seasons (Waiting On You)" / I don't love Future Islands, but this soulful cover blows it out of the water. So smooth.

Carter Asmann / Making art out of coffee stains? Totally genius.

Ham & Cheese Potato Pancakes / Coming soon to a brunch near you. Seriously though, make these.

Kanye West Acapella Covers / These are cringe-worthy and hilarious and somehow totally addicting. I have to admire this guy's commitment.

The Great / From the girls who brought you Current/Elliot comes this new line of campground meets fairytale basics. Spring has to be coming soon. Please.