Here's what I'm loving this week:

Weekly Harvest

Feit Hand Sewn High Tops / So beautiful. Unfortunately also so much monies. This brand is totally killing it, though.

@thiswildidea / I'm a huge sucker for animal pictures. This dog is great. So much personality.

Small Portions of Junk Food Artfully Plated as Gourmet Meals / Amazing.

Waffled Cheesecake / Do you have a waffle iron? We use ours maybe once every two months, but this looks like a strong contender for dusting it off.

Iconic Photography Dioramas / Have I mentioned how much I love the tiny things?

Ulla Johnson Fall 2015 / I know, I know. It's nowhere near fall yet. But I've never been one for sandals, and these pumps are amazing.