Banksy's Book Report is where I give no-BS book reviews of what's been on my nightstand lately - complete with bonus food and beverage pairings! Please feel free to tell me I'm wrong/crazy/dumb/genius, as well as throw your book recommendations my way.

Banksy Book Report

Me Before You / Jojo Moyes

The deal: Desperate for a new job, this quirky girl becomes a caretaker for a suave but haunted quadriplegic. Technically this is a "romance," but it's so much more,

Is it worth it?: Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy this. I cried several times in public while reading and after I had finished. So in short, yes. It's damn good.

Pairs well with: Tea, tissues

In Cold Blood / Truman Capote

The deal: In 1959 Kansas, four people are brutally murdered with few clues and little motive left behind. Truman Capote puts together the pieces including a deep dive into the suspects. Nonfiction.

Is it worth it?: Yep. It's creepy and reads more like a novel than a true story. Definitely not my favorite book in the world, but a classic nonetheless.

Pairs well with: Root beer, homemade cherry pie, an apple and a glass of milk

What If? / Randall Munroe

The deal: The subtitle says it all: "Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions." Basically an extension of the blog

Is it worth it?: I guess it'd be a cool coffee table (or toilet-side) book, but otherwise it's just kind of meh. I found myself skimming constantly. Head to the website and if you're still craving more, then buy the book.

Pairs well with: Mental math, legos, passive curiosity

Annihilation / Jeff VanderMeer

The deal: The first eleven expeditions into the mysterious Area X have resulted in mass suicide, mutiny and the like. Annihilation tells the tale of expedition twelve. The narrative style is unique too - no one has an actual name, instead going by "the psychologist" or "the biologist." 

Is it worth it?: Even if I wasn't a huge sucker for post-apocalyptic vibes, yes. It's the strangest and scariest thing I've read in recent memory. It's haunting in this claustrophobic way that's beyond description. Just read it. I finished in a single sitting.

Pairs well withA night light, something pleasant to take your mind elsewhere once you're done (e.g. a boyfriend, a cuddly creature, a trashy magazine)