Banksy's Book Report is where I give no-BS book reviews of what's been on my nightstand lately - complete with bonus food and beverage pairings! Please feel free to tell me I'm wrong/crazy/dumb/genius, as well as throw your book recommendations my way.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking / Susan Cain

The deal: The title says it all for this non-fiction piece. 

Is it worth it?: I think this all comes down to if you're an introvert. I 100% no-questions-asked am, so I found it super insightful. I wish I could knowledge-dump this on the extroverts I know. Not sure if I'd recommend them reading it, though - it can drag a bit.

Pairs well with: Peace and quiet, "me" time, a tea (or an adult beverage)

World War Z / Max Brooks

The deal: This was recently adapted into a borderline-awful movie starring Brad Pitt. The book is wildly different, using varied first hand accounts for us to piece together a more nuanced zombie apocalypse.

Is it worth it?: If you're into this kind of thing, you already know it. If not, tread carefully. Apocalypse isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Pairs well with: Some form of blunt weapon

Brain on Fire / Susannah Calahan

The deal: A horrifying memoir of Calahan's descent into madness, as well as what she's learned in the aftermath.

Is it worth it: This was far scarier than World War Z. I have chronic migraines with aura, and to this day, Brain on Fire still haunts me. Overall, a totally incredible story.

Pairs well with: Hospital smell, gratefulness for your current sanity

Sharp Objects / Gillian Flynn

The deal: From the author of Gone Girl comes this story of a journalist sent back to her home town to investigate a series of bizarre murders. Naturally, it only gets more complicated from there.

Is it worth it?: I don't want to like Gillian Flynn for some reason, but I do, even if her twists often follow a formula. I thought this one to be her creepiest and darkest by far. Trigger warning: do not read if you're disturbed by vivid descriptions of self-harm.

Pairs well with: A night light, more gratefulness, a phone call to your mom for being a decent human being