Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

@tishacherry / Not sure if we've discussed my obsession with cute little things made of out food (read: bento boxes), but hello, these take the cake. Absolute magic.

Equipment Fall/Winter 2015 / I live for loose silky button ups. Bonus points for some very subtle nip action.

Motherhood Around the World / So I am nowhere near motherhood, but I still find this series super fascinating. Three cheers for culture nuances!

13 Sandwiches / Completely mesmerizing. I also really want to try whatever that last one is. I love maraschino cherries.

Call Your Girlfriend / Realistically, this roundup should just be CYG six times. I stumbled upon this in my quest for commuting podcasts and I've since listened to every back episode. Ann and Aminatou are absolute queens. STRONGLY ENDORSE.

The Knocks - "Classic feat. Fetty Wap & Powers" / Epitome of summer jam, obviously.