Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Brooklyn Bar Menus / Not going to name any names, but these may apply to selected Chicago neighborhoods as well.

Bryson Tiller - T R A P S O U L / Sounds exactly what you'd think an album titled "Trapsoul" would sound like. But in a good way, I swear.

Just Not Sorry / A Chrome extension that removes tempering words from your emails. Banish "I'm no expert" and "Does that make sense?" for good. GRL PWR.

The Hustlers at Scores / Everything I want in a longread - strippers, girl power, iPhone photos of caviar. What a wonderful world we live in.

The Mind of a Chef / Appalled at how long I slept on this. Narrated by Anthony Bourdain, weird science interludes, and the first few episodes are basically just ramen porn. Get on it immediately.

LCD Soundsystem Reunion / Honestly, this is all that really matters. This week. This year. Best news in a minute.