Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

The Complicated Business of Defending Kanye West / This basically sums up my feelings in a nutshell. Related reading: Lexapro, Kanye & Me: Molly Lambert on the Ghosts of SSRIs.

Love / Netflix nails it again. This is exactly what you're going to want to binge watch Saturday and Sunday morning, preferably in a robe with some leftover pizza or Thai takeout.

A Bikini, A Toothbrush, and 44 Issues of The New Yorker / Because is anyone ever actually caught up?

Everlane Square Silk Shirt / Signs of spring! Seriously though, so good.

Five Kimchi Recipes To Try / I'm scared of making kimchi. There, I said it. It's irrational, but it's true. Hoping this can convince me to dive in to the beautiful world of fermentation.

Short Overalls / Someone restrain me before I buy these and wear them all summer with a 90's-esque baby tee