Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Squish Candies / Would you just LOOK at how many different kinds of gummies they have? How much is too much of your disposable income to put toward candy?

Paperback Paradise / Thank you internet gods. This is so rich.

Everlane Lounge Sweater Pant / Because "just trying to look kind of cute at the airport" should be appropriate for most other occasions.

Fargo / So the geniuses behind this TV show should have maybe named it something separate from the movie, but whatever. Each season is completely different, with equally unreal casts. It's amazing and intense and I'm embarrassed I slept on it this long.

Drake - "Pop Style feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West" / Is this song even good? Meh. But who cares, dropping singles just means Views From the 6 is getting closer by the day.

"Money for Nothing: The Lucrative World of Celebrity Club Appearances" / Basically everything you never wanted to know about how Scott Disick gets paid.