Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Noname - Telefone / I hate "girl-crush" as a concept. But hello, here I am. Hip hop needs more of this right now.

"Matt Damon and the Middle-Aged Action Hero" / Journalism that matters.

Shop Art Theft / Long story short, Zara stole a bunch of stuff from independent designers. That's total BS. Go buy some rad stuff from the source.

Black Mirror / I slept on this for so long. But it's unreal - dark and sad and scary in a really specific, mundane way. Bonus: if you have commitment issues, each episode is completely standalone. Oh, and there are only seven of them. So just watch it already. 

Balenciaga Fall 2016 / Dead. Dying. RIP.

Disco Fever / This playlist is everything. Throw it on and pretend to be unhappy. I dare you.