Banksy's Book Report is where I give no-BS book reviews of what's been on my nightstand lately - complete with bonus food and beverage pairings! Please feel free to tell me I'm wrong/crazy/dumb/genius, as well as throw your book recommendations my way.

banksy's book report

The Secret History / Donna Tartt

The deal: A group of self-obsessed New England misfits frolic around their private college. Plot twist: murder. It's by the same lady who wrote The Goldfinch.

Is it worth it?: I'm still not sure. At some parts, yes. But at others, it was long-form prose of white people problems. If you think you may be even remotely annoyed by a male character who goes by "Bunny," this is a hard pass.

Pairs well with: lobster, benzos, eyerolling, cigarettes by the truckload

How We Are Hungry / Dave Eggers

The deal: Dave Eggers writes hella novels. This isn't one of them - it's all short stories, all the time.

Is it worth it?: Do you even like reading? These babies are super affecting in the best way. Strongly endorse.

Pairs well with: a small attention span, crying on the beach

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao / Junot Díaz

The deal: A multi-generational tale of immigration and adventure, all woven together by Oscar's goofy but tragic misfortune. But considerably funnier than you're expecting.

Is it worth it?: I bought this four years ago at an airport and ended up reading Us Weekly instead. Learn from my mistakes. Also, I ignored the footnotes on principle, and it was still dope.

Pairs well with: overall nerdery, superstition, unearthed puberty memories

The Series of Unfortunate Events / Lemony Snickett

The deal: Yes, this is a children's book series. You probably read it when you were 12. In case you were living under a rock, it's a dark tale of three orphans trying to find their way in the world, all while being passed from caregiver to caregiver, on the run from the evil Count Olaf.

Is it worth it?: The first three or four books get really repetitive, but after that, yes. It's a fun escape. Bonus: you've gotten a lot faster at reading since you last read these. A lot.

Pairs well with: alliteration, ankle tattoos, precocious children