Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Honey Glazed Cornbread Donuts with Bacon / One of the few times where bacon on a donut doesn't sound like a cheap gimmick.

"Framed: A Mystery in Six Parts" / Holy longread perfection. You couldn't make up something this juicy if you tried.

"The 24-Year-Old Coca Cola Virgin" / Amazing.

Better Things / Pamela Adlon (that lady from Louie and a huge help in making Californication watchable) has her own show now. It's good. Really good.

Atlanta / I wanted to hate this so much, purely based on my non-fandom of Donald Glover's alter-ego, Childish Gambino. Well, I was wrong and irrational. It's the most nuanced and quiet show about hip hop I've ever seen. Seriously. Watch it.

Young Thug - JEFFERY / I was extremely tardy to the Young Thug party. Learn from my mistakes. While you're at it, read this profile.