Here's what I'm loving this week:

weekly harvest

Margarita Cake / I want to live a life where making homemade citrus curds is in my wheelhouse. This doesn't even look that hard, but for some reason layer cakes are just not happening in my household.

"Books Just for Grownups!" / Dying. So good.

"I Used to Be a Human Being" / Same.

Kllo - Well Worn / Very nice in a non-boring way. I've been working to this all week.

KAYTRANADA - 0.001% / Kaytranada just won the Polaris prize for his killer 99.9%. If you're not hip that that, start there for sure. (He collabs with everyone from Mic Vensa to Little Dragon.) Also, he's coming to Chicago in two weeks. Go or you're an idiot.

High Maintenance / My brother first told me about this web series a few years ago, and I brushed it off as a dumb niche thing about weed dealers. HBO adapted it, and wow. I was so wrong. The first episode alone is an emotional roller coaster, while still being light and fun. Highly recommend.