Mark your calendars!!

This Sunday, July 26th, I'm hosting a shopping event at the Rush Street Madewell.

Olivia Crandall Madewell

But seriously, we have so many dreamy things in store right now. Stop by and say hey for a few minutes, try on a bunch of things - there will even be treats and extra discounts! Bring your friends, bring your mom, you can even bring your dog (dead serious - Madewell is furry friend-friendly)!

All of the details are below. You can also find the FB event HERE.

I look forward to seeing you guys!

H&H x Madewell


I'm a total sucker for minimalist, DIY nail art. Unfortunately, my hands are not even close to steady. Enter the dotting tool. I picked up this lil' kit at Sally's a few months ago for $10 and I've never looked back.

Easy Minimalist Nail Art // Hunt & Harvest

Sidenote: is there a non-cliche way to shoot nail art? Is "the claw" better? Someone tell me, stat. This is not a drill.

Minimalist Nail Art // Hunt & Harvest

The basic dotting possibilities are endless but I like combining neutrals. So far I've done black/white, nude/black and white/metallic. The best part? It's a surprisingly natural to wield the dotting tool with your non-dominant hand. The whole process is so straightforward, I'm almost embarrassed listing out the instructions:

Nail Art Dotting Tool
  1. Paint nails a solid base color, at least two coats. Dry completely.
  2. Put a small amount of accent polish on tin foil. Dip desired dotting tool (they vary by size) into polish and slowly dot onto lower third of nail. 
  3. Dry completely then apply clear top coat.

Ring: Catbird / White Polish: Essie Marshmallow / Copper Polish: Maybelline Boho Gold


I'm a total TV freak. I haven't had cable for years now, but that hasn't stopped me from binge-watching just about anything I could get my hands on. My crowning achievement of college wasn't the honors diploma, but the fact that I watched every available season of 25 different TV shows**. No one's perfect.

Things have changed and now I spend a lot more free time baking and writing things like this than blowing through ten episodes of Entourage in one sitting. But ever since things turned south my second time through The Office a few months ago (things go downhill really quick about three episodes after Jim & Pam's wedding), it's been a lot of No Reservations and Sons of Anarchy. 

I spared you 200 outfit shots. You get the idea here.

I spared you 200 outfit shots. You get the idea here.

Is SOA a good show? Debatable at best.

But they've got the personal style game on lock. Vests make everything better. Everything.

Sidenote - if anyone knows where I can get a women's leather vest, please let me know ASAP. Looking to take my SAMCRO game to the next level.

Vest: Vintage (similar) / Hoodie: H&M (similar) / Shirt: Frenchi (similar) / Pants: Paige / Belt: Rag & Bone

**In case you were curious: Arrested Development, Weeds, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead, Skins, Lost, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Girls, Trailer Park Boys, Locked Up, The Hills, Breaking Bad, Parks & Rec, Nip/Tuck, Dexter, True Blood, Shameless, House of Lies, Sherlock, Party Down, House of Cards, Veep, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland

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Okay, so I'm "that guy." The one who was born and raised in the Midwest and still acts like the coming of winter is some weird awful surprise. I would probably hate me too if I was a normal Clevelander who likes things like all-weather tailgating in a giant parking lot and Christmas Ale*.

Jacket: Zara (old) / Sunglasses:  Persol

Jacket: Zara (old) / Sunglasses: Persol

In all seriousness though, how am I supposed to keep this up for the next three (more realistically five) months? By this I mean going outside to take a picture of what I'm wearing. I promise, the baking will not be going anywhere.

Going outside and posing for an "outfit photo" is awkward enough to begin with. People stare at you, and unless you're an actual model, there will be one good shot for every 30 you take. I'm thoroughly amazed by anyone that manages to do it everyday - especially if you're anywhere besides the West Coast. It's exhausting, and even worse for whoever your photographer is.

Sorry this has become an unintentional longread, but I want some answers. I'm serious here - tell me your secrets, wizard. How does anyone manage this? Can blogging and winter coexist? I mean real winter too. The day I took these photos, the sun was shining and it was 25 degrees - balmy for Cleveland's standards.

For now, I guess buckle up for a lot more baking and maybe some indoor nail art tutorials. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

*True Life: I Don't Like Sports. Also - I can tell you for certain that Christmas Ale and chronic migraines cannot under any circumstances coexist. Crucify me if you must.

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Cleveland winter is coming so much sooner than I want it to. Leather jacket season was here for maybe five minutes.

Hunt and Harvest Camel Coat Olivia Crandall

I got this jacket about five years ago and I've worn it maybe twice. Even taking it out for a spin today didn't fully convince me. There's just something off about the fit. Anyone know where I can get a better wool camel coat?

Hunt and Harvest Camel Coat Olivia Crandall

Jacket: The Limited (similar) / Scarf: Zara (similar) / Sweater: Gap (similar) / Pants: Kut From the Kloth / Shoes: BP / Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs / Bag: Michael Kors

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Whoever said you can't wear navy and black at the same time is probably the same guy who said no white pants after labor day. Style rules are stupid.

Hunt and Harvest Phillip Lim Sweater Olivia Crandall

Because if the white pants in question are made of corduroy, doesn't that make them basically winter-wear? If I can make these things come even moderately close to "working," so can just about anyone.

Hunt and Harvest Phillip Lim Sweater Olivia Crandall

Sweater: Phillip Lim for Target / Pants: Free People / Sunglasses: Vintage (similar) / Belt: H&M (similar)

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We can all sit around and pretend like we're "above" apple picking and pumpkin spice, but let's cut to the chase. Fall is the best. 

Hunt and Harvest Apple Picking Olivia Crandall

I don't care if that makes me queen of the white girls, but it's awesome and I love it and I refuse to pretend otherwise. 

I'll happily take all the boots and all the flannels and bonus points for any kind of vest.

Hunt and Harvest Apple Picking

I can't wait to go back and pick out a pumpkin.

Cliches be damned.

Hunt and Harvest Apple Picking

Flannel: Forever 21 (similar) / Vest: Vintage (similar) / Shirt: Frenchi (similar) / Pants: Paige / Boots: BP (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Belt: Ralph Lauren / Bag: Michael Kors

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When I'm in the privacy of my own home, I live in crop tops. For whatever reason, they're at least four times more comfortable and I love that you can turn any old, gross t-shirt into a perfect lounging top in seconds.

Hunt and Harvest Olivia Crandall Leather

Now enter the leather pants. Instantly elevating loungewear to night-out-on-the-town wear. When you're dressing like an extra in an old Aerosmith video, it's super important to keep everything else natural and simple and maybe even office-appropriate.

Hunt and Harvest Leather Pants

Or maybe that's just my excuse for refusing any hair/makeup effort. Leather pants: helping you pick your battles since 1858.

Hunt and Harvest Leather Pants

Top: Target (similar) / Pants: Zara (similar) / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Belt: H&M (similar) / Bracelet: The 2 Bandits

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It's like I don't even know who I am anymore.

Hunt and Harvest Cheerleader Skirt

First I'm wearing dresses, now skirts. Someone send help, and a pair of boots

Hunt and Harvest Cheerleader Skirt

Because I will not pretend for a second that these shoes were/are easy to walk in. 

Hunt and Harvest Cheerleader Skirt

Top: Target (similar) / Skirt: Zara (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-BanBelt: Vintage (similar/ Bracelets: The 2 Bandits / Rings: Liza Michelle

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Warning, long reads ahead.

Hand letterer I most certainly am not.

Hand letterer I most certainly am not.

I'm sure at this point you've seen this. Don't get me wrong, I hate a tug-at-your-heartstrings viral ad as much as the next guy. Not to mention, the hair product tie -in is super corny and almost irrelevant. But I couldn't help but stop and think. 

I have an apology problem.

Since when did sorry become a synonym for "excuse me," or even "thank you?" I think part of it stems from the time my sassy lil' teen self realized that to function in the real world (i.e. be employed by anyone ever), I needed to somehow compensate for my eye rolls. I picked up a habit to gloss over the fact that I can be a bit, well, prickly. And ten years later, it's only gotten worse.

In the past week I've said "I'm sorry" more times than I'd like to admit. I mean it - I'm not going to tell you the number because it's embarrassing. There was only one single time I said "sorry" because I did something wrong and wanted to be forgiven and that was when I forgot to feed my cat.

That's right - the only apology I gave that was deserved was to a cat. 

I know we're halfway through the year but I've never been one for timely resolutions anyway - thus the "apology jar" was born. The rules? Every time you say "sorry" and don't mean "I take fault for doing something that caused someone else harm," take note. It doesn't have to be a real jar. I keep a memo in my phone with a running tally. At the end of the year, if my apologies have decreased, I'm planning a trip back to Spain or somewhere equally amazing. If they haven't, I'm planning it anyway.

Because I'm a grown woman who doesn't have to be sorry for anything.

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If I could live in this, I would.

Actually, maybe not. If I could live in one item for the rest of my life it would be a robe. No doubt in my mind.

Real talk, if you don't have a robe, immediately go get one. It will change your life. Promise.

Hunt & Harvest Off Duty Olivia Crandall

Also, still waiting for the day cut-offs will be considered office appropriate (and robes will be considered wear-in-public appropriate). A girl can dream.

Hunt & Harvest Off Duty Olivia Crandall

Blazer: Frenchi (similar) / Shirt: Zara (similar) / Shorts: Forever 21 / Belt: H&M (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Bracelet: Madewell / All Other Jewelry: Liza Michelle


A few clarifying points:

I'm defining "work" here as any job where there is even a trace of a dress code. If you work part time at your campus rec center, I have a hunch you're already a seasoned sweatpants pro.

Sometimes you have to admit defeat. Know your audience. If you have to wear pantyhose to cover the ankle flash your pantsuit shows off, this probably isn't going to fly.

In real life, button more buttons. Please.

90% of this is a confidence issue. If you act like your sweatpants are office-appropriate, you're already most of the way there. Lounging is a only a mindset. 

That being said, I strongly recommend either black or dark grey. In terms of fit, we're going for the opposite of leggings. These should not be sexual in any sense of the word. Try to avoid drawstrings at all costs. 

Pants secured, throw on your most interview-friendly shirt and whatever footwear you feel classy in. Don't forget a belt. A half-tuck is probably also a good idea for extra booty modesty. Go to work. Act like everything is normal. Because it is - but better.

Shirt: Madewell / Sweatpants: Zara / Heels: Zara / Belt: Vintage / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Watch: Timex

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BREAKING: I wore a dress.

Was it a sundress? Eh, probably not? It wasn't bright or exceptionally girly, but whatever - it was 90 degrees. Desperate times.

Hunt & Harvest Resort Olivia Crandall

A middle-aged-woman stranger also told me "you know you can see right through that dress..?" which is both a bold-faced lie and somehow just makes it better.

Easy, breezy, beautiful, right?

Hunt & Harvest Resort Olivia Crandall

Dress: Zara / Heels: Dolce Vita / Bag: Zara (similar) / Sunglasses: Vintage (sort of similar) / Watch: Casio / Bracelet: The 2 Bandits / Rings: onesixfive / Nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple

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Nothing new here. Classic formula - take a work-shirt, add cut offs and boots, and be done with it.

Hunt & Harvest Olivia Crandall Cut Offs

Because we all have more important things to do (like casually research Jay-Z's empire), than to plan out some unique outfit each day.

Hunt & Harvest Olivia Crandall Cut Offs

For instance, did you know that the new Brooklyn Nets stadium is deliberately covered in rust? What a bunch of weirdos. Oh the things you can learn in your not-getting-dressed moments!

Hunt & Harvest Olivia Crandall Cut Offs

Top: H&M (similar) / Shorts: Forever 21 / Boots: Audrey Brooke / Sunglasses: Persol / Belt: H&M (similar) / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar) / Jewelry: Vintage & Liza Michelle

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(Please excuse image quality and smirks. This isn't a photo shoot or a fashion show we're talkin' about here.)

Hunt & Harvest Festival Style

Keep in mind that this is 90% for any festival that isn't glamorous. If you're there for the street style photographers, I guess just wear what everyone else is wearing at x brand's Coachella pool party.


Flip flops / This basically applies to any shoes you actually care about or that don't cover your feet. For real, have you ever been in a port-o-potty? Also, bring rain boots. If you don't bring them, the chances of monsoon go up 100%. It is known.

Rompers or overalls / I repeat, have you ever been in a port-o-potty? You do not want to get basically naked in there - unless that's your cup of tea. In which case, be courteous to the line waiting behind you and make things quick.

Anything rude or annoying / Including but not limited to: Indian headdresses, duct tape nipples, high heels of any variety, shirts of bands you don't actually listen to, fur that is molting on those around you.


Sunscreen / By far the most important takeaway here. You don't want to end up like this guy.

Things with pockets / Denim rules supreme. You're also going to accumulate a lot of stuff and you'll need to stash it. I strongly suggest a backpack or fanny pack if you don't want messenger-bag-sore-shoulder syndrome.

A good attitude / You're tired and dirty, everyone else is tired and dirty. Be nice. You'd be surprised at how good you'll feel sharing a simple luxury with a stranger. (Pack your bag very thoroughly. When in doubt, you definitely need extra tissues/sunscreen/water/etc).

Whatever you want / No matter what, there will be someone dressed crazier than you. (Shoutout Pink Jesus, Pitchfork 2010). This is the time to let your freak flag fly. Be you. No one else cares.

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This could have easily been a Pinterest fail. It turns out chopping down trees and neatly cutting them into equal pieces to fill your fake fireplace is really hard. That being said, it was so worth it. Don't attempt this alone though. You're going to need a man - make that anyone strong who doesn't mind getting dirty.

Hunt & Harvest Fireplace DIY

You will need:

Wood (nearby woods, firewood pile, etc.)

Saws (ALL OF THE SAWS - circular saw at the very least, chainsaw too if possible)

Rectangular Piece of Plywood

Black Spraypaint

Clear Lacquer (optional)

Hunt & Harvest Fireplace DIY

STEP ONE: Cut down a bunch of trees (we needed three for more than 50 eight inch long logs). Cut the trees into logs of approximately even length. Measure the distance from the back of your fireplace to where you want them to stop, then subtract an inch or two (you'll see why in the next step). Optional but strongly recommended: spray the wood with clear lacquer and let sit for several days. There will be bugs. Once you're done here, the worst is over.

Hunt & Harvest Fireplace DIY

STEP TWO: Measure the length and width of your fireplace opening. Cut a thin piece of plywood to those dimensions. Exact measuring isn't that important here, but take note: you do not want it to be oversized. Spray paint the rectangle black. Place it in the fireplace hole, pushing it as far to the back as you can.

Hunt & Harvest Fireplace DIY

STEP THREE: Bring your lil' logs inside. Stack them neatly in the fireplace. Cry when you realize you're about eight logs short. Be okay with it because it still does a pretty good job "bringing the room together."

Hunt & Harvest Fireplace DIY


This shirt has been done a million times over. I still love it though - it's good for just about any occasion and definitely every season. Stars and stripes aren't just reserved for holidays.

Hunt & Harvest - Star Shirt Olivia Crandall

All black (almost) everything,

Hunt & Harvest - Star Shirt Olivia Crandall

Top: Zara (similar) / Shorts (used to be pants): Forever 21 (similar) / Boots: Sam Edelman (similar) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Belt: H&M / Bracelet: Christine Nano / Rings: Liza Michelle / Nails: Essie

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Skirts are hard. Even after several closet edits, I'm left with a small stack of them I swear I'll wear but never do. And I know I'm not alone here. They ride up, they're hard to match, usually they're far too patterned. Leather is your unexpected answer.

Hunt & Harvest Leather Skirt Olivia Crandall

A solid leather skirt is arguably on jean-short-level in terms of closet match-ability. As with any "this is borderline trashy" item, throw on a work-shirt and you're in the clear.

Hunt & Harvest Leather Skirt

Top: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Skirt: H&M (similar) / Heels: Zara (similar) / Sunglasses: Vintage (similar) / Belt: Vintage (similar) / Watch: Timex / Nails: Essie Smokin' Hot

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Wintertime sweaters with cutoffs? The perfect awkward-season uniform.

Hunt & Harvest Wool Sweater 5.6.14 Olivia Crandall

A pair of mid-heel ankle boots might as well be a wardrobe mandatory. Any pair of shoes that work with cut-offs, by definition work with everything else.

Hunt & Harvest Wool Sweater 5.6.14 Olivia Crandall

Almost a turtleneck? Maybe. But who cares.

Hunt & Harvest Wool Sweater 5.6.14 Olivia Crandall

Sweater: Zara (similar) / Shorts: Forever 21 (similar) / Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs / Watch: Michael Kors / Belt: Ralph Lauren / Boots: H&M (similar

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So maybe I still don't know the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day. But in terms of style rules, it shouldn't matter anyway. I say white pants whenever you feel like it.

Hunt & Harvest 5.3.14 Olivia Crandall

As long as we're not talking about some Boogie Nights roller rink booty shorts (not cute, Miley), there is absolutely no need to be afraid of white bottoms.

Hunt & Harvest 5.4.14 Olivia Crandall

Not-too-tight white jeans + work appropriate top + any shoe you wouldn't wear to the beach. That's it. Instant Emmanuelle Alt vibes.

Hunt & Harvest 5.4.14 White Pants Olivia Crandall

Top: BCBGeneration (similar, similar) / Pants: Zara / Sunglasses: Vintage (similar) / Bag: Zara (similar) / Belt: Vintage (similar) / Bracelet: Madewell (similar) / Heels: Nine West / Nails: Essie Gardenia

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