In the midwest, a winter coat has to be no joke. It gets cold here - and not in a "layer a leather jacket over a hoodie over a flannel" kind of way. I already have a down parka, but there are some situations where you don't necessarily want to look like the Michelin Man.

I'm in desperate need of something to wear for the days over the next few months when it's above 20 degrees. Unfortunately, those days will probably be few and far between.


If I had things my way, I'd spent the entirety of fall romping around with Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy, wearing nothing but school-girl skirts, crop tops and a lot of leather.

W Magazine

W Magazine

But unfortunately, I don't live in fantasy-land, so it's time to adapt that vibe to the real world. More specifically, here's the ballpark of what I'm thinking for fall. Heavy emphasis on office-appropriate dressing - because after all, I'm just a normal lady.



Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant



Frame Denim

Frame Denim






The time has come. My favorite boots of all time are just about dead. I've worn them almost everywhere - through flash floods and festivals, and three Ohio winters. It's time to find a replacement for perfection, but I'm quickly realizing it's easier said than done. 

Hunt and Harvest Boots

Here are the qualifications. please forward any and all candidates my way.

Short (just above the ankle)

Black leather (no suede, no patent)

Gold (or neutral) hardware

Must be wide enough to accommodate a heartier pant

Must look equally good with shorts and pants (and dresses and lingerie)

Hunt and Harvest Boots


I've already come clean. I stole my brother's Andrew Marc duffle at least four years ago and am absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, it's a bit heavier than I'd like and more importantly - it's not mine. It's definitely about time I put on my big girl pants, return my stolen goods and get myself a proper weekend bag.

Also, I'm one of those guys who refuses to check a bag so the perfect duffle is even more important. Any and all luggage should be unisex - your brother should want to steal your duffle too. Head straight to the the men's department if you're not there already.

Jack Spade / Winn / Marc by Marc Jacobs

J. CrewEverlane / Fjallraven

Sidenote - remember how this is called Hunt & Harvest? I've clearly been neglecting the "hunt" part, but is it even missed? And aren't we all always on the hunt for something without having to necessarily make a collage? Getting a lil' too deep for my taste though, so in the meantime, I'll be sure to keep the hip hop and treats coming.

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Again, you already know the answer. 

Father's Day creeps up every single year and it's not fair to dad that you're scrambling at the last minute. Step up your game, you guys:

Hunt & Harvest Father's Day

Teroforma Whisky Lover Set / Sometime's it's the little upgrades that make a huge difference (i.e. whisky stones). Step one: educate yourself on scotch vs. bourbon. Step two: Buy a bottle that's one shelf above what you'd buy yourself. Step three: Figure out which one of these you can stomach so you can have some (wo)man-to-man time with your dad.

Dollar Shave Club / A gift that keeps on giving is always a winner. Your dad will get razors every month, shipped right to his door. Cheap for you, thoughtful and convenient for him. Everyone wins.

This Is Ground - Cord Suite / Chances are, your dad has a lot of electronics. And chances are ever better that his cords and related accessories are a rumpled mess in his briefcase. Help him add some well-crafted minimalism to his day-to-day.

Sports & GamesYour dad is probably into at least one sport - be it baseball, golf or NASCAR. Buy a pair of tickets to whichever one he likes best. Game day won't even be about the game, it'll be about being with your dad in his element. Whatever that may be. And hey, he might even teach you a thing or two.

Robe / Yes - it's summer. No, it doesn't matter. A robe is the one gift every man wants but never asks for. Every single one. I have multiple sources.

When In Doubt / Okay, I know I'm being a broken record here, but your dad is most likely really similar to your mom. He just wants to kick it with you. Go golfing, make a greasy breakfast, get beers, do whatever your dad wants. Make sure you do all the planning, though. It's not your dad's job to orchestrate his own father's day activities.

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Tortoiseshell glasses are a standby at this point. You have them, your grandpa has them and Walgreens surely stocks a solid collection on the cheap. You can do better, though. These are way beyond basic, but will still go with just about anything.

Hunt & Harvest Tortoiseshell


Okay, I know we're more than a month into spring, but that doesn't matter. I lied - these aren't spring sneakers, they're year-long sneakers.

Nothing says effortless like a wardrobe-completing, wear-with-everything pair. [Unless you've got a wedding or job interview on the agenda, but you could easily pull those off as well with the right attitude]. Bonus: 5 GOLD STARS FOR COMFORT.

Hunt & Harvest Spring 2014 Sneakers


You already know the answer. You've got just over two weeks left - do Mother's Day right this year.

The Gifts That Keeps on Giving / MakrBox will send your mom a box of "artisinal" treats every month ranging from soaps to spices and back again. Is she a little less Portlandia? Go for the holy grail of beauty product subscription services instead: Birchbox

Record Frames / Once upon a time, your mom was probably super into music (if she isn't still). It's easy to run to Target or Urban Outfitters and pick some of these up, but go the extra mile and take a basement scavenger hunt for her old favorites. Pop them in yourself so they're ready to hang.

Gospel Brunch / Religious persuasion (or lackthereof) doesn't matter here. This is not church - there may be a choir, but there's also an all-you-can-eat soul food buffet and alcoholic breakfast beverages a-plenty. In short - it's awesome.

A Heavy Dose of Nostalgia / Etsy is amazing for making your mom smile. Engrave a quote from your favorite children's book growing up or some weird experience you two have shared. This one should probably come with a tissue warning, though. Be prepared.

When In Doubt / Make your own brunch, go the the park, see a movie, take her to see Beyoncé or Fleetwood Mac. Do whatever your mom likes but plan it yourself. At the end of the day, she probably just wants to spend time with you. Promise.